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Over the past years, laboratory medicine has incorporated the analysis of genetic material (DNA and RNA), as key elements towards the thorough investigation of diseases. As a result, a new branch of scientific laboratory medicine has emerged, known as molecular diagnostics.

The CENTER FOR MOLECULAR ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH S.A. is a newly founded scientific company specializing in the application of molecular diagnostics towards prognosis, diagnosis and research in cancer.

Specifically, our aim is to provide specialized services in the field of oncology and similar biomedical fields, where tumor molecular analysis will aid towards an accurate diagnosis, a clear prognosis and a scientifically-directed individualized tumor management. In addition, we conduct scientific research related to mechanisms of development of certain cancers, the identification of novel tumor markers, and the production of innovative diagnostic tests that would contribute to a more effective management and treatment of cancer patients.

Molecular Biology - The Company

Molecular diagnostics and cancer research requires advanced scientific and technological knowledge and the appropriate laboratory facilities. The company has created a modern laboratory, with state of the art facilities that help to optimize the efficiency and quality of the services offered.


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